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The Noank Aquaculture Cooperative members focus on growing some of the finest oysters in the Northeast. As the oysters from our region are the most coveted in the world and we are fortunate to have many fine oyster brands, this is no small task.  We take pride in growing the following delicious brands, please ask for them at your local restaurant or market!


Mystic Oysters


Mystic River Estuary, Noank, Connecticut

Beautiful round shells with a green hue on the outside of the cupped shell.  The inside shell is white, holding a nice plump creamy morsel of satisfaction.  The flavor will vary over the year in terms of which flavor notes are more pronounced.  You will always fine a nice balance of brine, sweetness, and metallic with umami notes ranging from cucumber to nutty.  Mystic oysters maintain their meatiness year round and are always a delight.

Availability is year-round.

“All have a great, balanced brine with a beautifully clean finish, and they are absolute joys to shuck. If only every grower would take the time to let his oysters reach their full potential.”  -Rowan Jacobsen

For more information contact:

Steve Plant #860-608-9116

Jim Markow #860-460-4558

Stonington Oyster


Mystic River Estuary/Fisher’s Island Sound, Connecticut

Full bodied oysters in a deep cup, with a briny yet sweet and delicate flavor. Stonington Farms Oysters have a deep cup, which is full of meat and “liquor” making them perfect for the half shell market. People who have eaten our oysters describe them in many ways with the common thread being: meaty and salty, yet sweet and smooth.   Availability is May-October or November depending on crop harvest.


For more information contact:

Kris Simonds & Tim Giulini


New York

Peconic Pearls

Photo Credit: Andrea Gates-Pickerell


Southold Bay, Peconic Estuary

Peconic Pearls are a deep cup oyster with the signature sweetness and delicate brine typical to the Peconic Estuary. The mineral finish is always a pleasant surprise. The Peconic Estuary is located on Long Island’s East End between the North and South Forks. Five cents from every Peconic Pearl sold goes to research and education projects that benefit the health of the Peconic Estuary.  Availability is year round.


For more information contact:

Karen Rivara



Bay Scallop Seed


Shellfisher Preserve, Southold, NY

Our hatchery member, Aeros Cultured Oyster Company, Inc. produces quality oyster, hard clam and bay scallop seed for our Cooperative members and for sale to non-member growers. Sizes range from 2.5mm – 35mm.  Availability is May – Oct.


For more information contact:

Karen Rivara


Southold Shindigs

Southold Shindigs


Peconic Bay, Long Island NY

Southold Shindigs (farmed by Southold Bay Oysters) are grown in deep water in the center of Southold Bay. Their taste profile begins with a smooth vignette and a hint of sweetness that quickly transitions to a burst of brininess with a mineral finish. 

Species:                      Eastern Oyster

Cultivation:               Off-bottom Cages

Salinity:                      Briny

Size:                            Medium Size

For more information contact:

Ben Gonzalez & Dave Daly



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